Yearbook Binding Options

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Yearbook Binding Options

There are three yearbook binding options available and the choice is pretty much personal preference so pick your favourite. Perfect bound yearbooks are the most popular, but we’re suckers for the prestigious feel a hardback yearbook provides.

The good news is, whichever option you choose, your yearbooks will be beautifully printed and professionally bound because we believe in quality.

Perfect Bound

  • Pages glued into 250g gloss cover
  • 25 – 300 pages
  • Same as our Sample Book – request yours now!


  • Pages bound together by staples
  • 250g gloss cover
  • This is similar to magazines
  • 4 – 48 pages (must be a multiple of 4)


  • Pages are encased in a hardboard printed cover, therefore, are sturdier
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • 50 – 300 pages

For information regarding costs on the different binding options, please go to Yearbook Pricing.

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