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Yearbook Pricing

At Leavers’ Books, we try to keep our school yearbook pricing simple. Our full-colour yearbooks start at only £8.99 per copy! This is via our Design Your Own method.*

Binding Type (up to 100 pages)** Price Per Copy
Stitched (max. 50 pages) £8.99
Softback (perfect bound) £9.99
Hardback £15.99

*If you design your own artwork, then you’ll receive a £2 discount on each copy.

**If you go over 100 pages you’ll pay an extra £1 per copy.

Please note: we have changed the way we process invoices. You still have the option to pay by invoice, but the amount must be settled before your order is sent out to you. This helps to avoid discrepancies caused by the new academic year, and will keep your accounts team (and ours) happy.

You can still place your order in the same way you did last year, but it’s just something to be aware of if your order is time-sensitive. You also have the option to prepay by credit/debit card or by Paypal if you’d prefer.

Now you have the prices, it’s time to pick your binding type and start creating your yearbook. If you’re ready to start your yearbooks today, head over to our Online Creator to begin or contact us to request a USB.

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