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What is the best resolution?

When it comes to yearbooks, you want to have the best quality images possible because this will ensure it prints in higher quality. This is where image resolution plays a big part.

At Leavers’ Books, we print our yearbooks at 300 DPI due to the quality that produces. If every photo you include is higher than this DPI then it will look great once in print. Most of the time, photos you use with a DPI less than 150, it will be pixelated once printed. You can upload photos with a DPI between 150 – 300 but they won’t be the best quality.

What can I do to fix my pictures?

There are a few tricks you can do to use ones with lower image resolution:

  • Crop the image: Try to select a larger area of the image to get a better result; cropping it to select a small area effectively makes the image much smaller, and will lower the resolution.
  • Use the original file: Image resolution on the original files tend to be a lot higher than that of copies. When you downloaded an image from social media or emailed a copy then these often get compressed to reduce the size and therefore reduce the image resolution.
  • Relocate where you use the photo: Maybe you have a great photo you want to use but it turns out too blurry. Well one way around this is to use it elsewhere in the book. Our Online Creator has different sized image slots throughout. Try to relocate the image into a smaller slot to make it less pixelated.
  • Using a better camera: If you are trying to take some new photos for your yearbook you want to use a good camera. While phone cameras are good, your photos will look better printed from a proper camera.

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