Let them leave with a book full of goodbyes

Remember running around the school on the last day getting your friends to sign your shirt? Think that, but in a well-designed book that can be looked after and stored for years to come. This gives autograph books a place on everyone’s bookshelf as finding those messages tucked away one night, is sure to bring a smile to their faces.

Why Autograph books?

Autograph books work perfectly alongside yearbooks or as a cheaper alternative. Providing a book of cherished messages from friends and teachers will help bring a smile to every pupil.

We have a wide range of designs to choose from and options to have personalised covers, colours and bindings. Autograph books are a cost-effective choice to suit your style and pocket.

With larger schools, the cost is reduced even more as schools who order over 100 books get a 5% discount applied to their order.

Have a look at our collection of designs below and find one to suit your school or check out our yearbook collection or online creator: