Adding An Introduction Page

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What is an Introduction Page?

An introduction page is the 1st inside page the pupils see when they open their school yearbooks. It’s a great way to thank them all for the memories you have also created along their journey. Not all yearbooks start with one but personally, we believe it sets the tone well. It doesn’t need to be the main focal point of the yearbook and you don’t need to spend too much time making this. You just need to say a few nice choice words, add your photo and you are good to move on.

Adding Your Introduction Page

We want to make this page simple but effective and that’s why you have two options to choose from.

Adding an Introduction Page

Insert a catchy header, so right away the pupils know they’re in for a trip and keep them captivated from the first page. We love introduction pages so be sure to include one in your yearbook! If you want a lot of text and a small image or a little less text but a big staff photo then we’ve got you covered.

Introduction Page Layouts

When you create a yearbook, make it the way you want with Leavers’ Books Online Creator!

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