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The message that is given with the introduction page is something that will stay with the class for many years to come and the words may even provide a level of comfort for the class. We have had many schools take a different approach to their introduction page including the use of a poem, prayer, quotes from inspiring people, or shared memories of teachers.

One idea that is proving popular is a letter from the headteacher of the school, or class teacher. Treat the letter as an editor would introduce a monthly magazine. Keep it sentimental, short, and sweet. Summarise the amazing final year and try to throw a good joke in there too, to set the tone for the rest of the yearbook.

After ideas for your introduction page?

The most common 'features' we seem to come across with yearbooks are:

  • A letter from the headmaster/teacher
  • A poem, or prayer
  • An inspirational quote
  • A paragraph to explain the yearbook's purpose

It is an opportunity to share detailed memories of the class and to provide comforting words of wisdom as they approach joining secondary school.

The character count on our introduction page is 1,250 characters; this provides plenty of space to write a whole page dedication to the class. You will want to give the person writing this page plenty of warning to allow them enough time to get the wording right.