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To make the children feel valued, and special, we love the idea of creating an awards page for your yearbook. This is a fantastic opportunity to discuss your students’ individual characteristics and certainly grabs attention. Every child is going to want to know what they are known for ‐ it can provide many laughs, especially looking back to realise they were known as the class clown.

Leavers’ Books provide an array of designs and styles to host your awards pages to suit any format of yearbook (from trophies, to medals, to shields, and more) ‐ whether you wanted to award only nine awards, or more; whether you wanted to have one winner or even three, so everyone is included.

It can be great fun to put together yearbook award pages, but if you need some inspiration for awards we have come up with some ideas for you...

Popular Award Ideas

In previous years we have had lots of varied types of award titles. A large number of schools choose to use these popular awards for their yearbooks. As for inspiration for these awards, some ideas we’ve come across are:

  • Friendliest
  • Sportiest
  • Best Haircut
  • Biggest Laugh
  • Best Hugger
  • Most Caring
  • Nicest Smile

Fun Award Ideas

Bring a bit of fun into your yearbook with these fun award ideas:

  • Teacher's Pet
  • Class Clown
  • Drama Queen
  • Loudest Laugh
  • Biggest Moaner
  • Brightest Spark
  • Biggest Gossip
  • Person with the X-Factor
  • Chatterbox of the Year

Most Likely to Be...

You can use most likely to be awards to make your awards a bit more fun. For example, ‘Most Likely to Be an Actress’ award makes the usual ‘Drama Queen’ award a little more interesting! Other award ideas like this include:

  • Make Millions
  • Become Famous
  • Become a Footballer
  • Become a Comedian
  • Become Prime Minister
  • Win the Lottery
  • Win an Olympic Gold Medal

Celebrity Award Ideas

To make your yearbook awards slightly different, you could use celebrity names of people the students admire and aspire to be. For example, ‘Class Clown’ could become the ‘David Walliams’ Award - for making us laugh. Other celebrity award ideas are:

  • The ‘Lady Gaga’ Award - for crazy clothes
  • The ‘Alan Sugar’ Award - for being bossy
  • The ‘Beyonce’ Award - for amazing singing
  • The ‘Mo Farah’ Award - for being sporty
  • The ‘Gordon Ramsey’ Award - for tastiest packed-lunches
  • The ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ Award ‐ for thinking they’re the best at football, but
  • everyone else thinks there is someone better

Staff Award Ideas

As you can see from those examples, there is a different style to how the awards titles are worded, so you can play around with whichever you feel is best for your school and class. Remember, you can also have some awards for the staff too! Make sure no one is left out! Here are some suggestions:

  • Nicest Teacher
  • Loudest Teacher
  • Worst Dancer
  • Biggest Coffee-Lover
  • Best Dinner Lady
  • Least Likely to Play by the Rules
  • Teacher Who’s Always Got Your Back

Be creative with your awards, and try to include everyone, and above all else, make sure it is fun! If you have some clever ones of your own, don’t be shy ‐ share them with us over on our over social media!

You can also save time and incorporate the creation of your awards page during class time by downloading our helpful and free lesson plan. That is, if you want to get the children involved and don’t mind a bit of voting ‐ but ensure to keep a few winners a surprise!