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Are you struggling to think of ideas for your yearbook? Maybe you just need a bit of inspiration for page themes and designs to make your school leavers book something really special?

We've pulled together some ideas for your yearbook pages that are a little different, but really easy to put together. From suggestions for simpler, standard pages to ideas for something a bit more adventurous – take a look at the ideas for pages and the template images below...

Standard Yearbook Page Ideas

Most yearbooks contain pages that give information about the people the yearbook is meant for (students and staff!), along with photos and memories for all to enjoy for years to come. Ideas for core pages of your Leavers' Books are:

  • Pupil Profiles
  • Staff Profiles
  • Class Photos
  • School Trips
  • Schools Sports Team Pages
  • School Clubs Pages
  • Comments Pages

Creative Yearbook Page Suggestions

Yearbooks are a great place to let everyone's creative flair show a bit. Pages that are interesting with a quirky design or built around a theme will mean your Leavers' Books will be entertaining and fun to read. We've come up with some template ideas to help you build in something a little different...

Newspaper Pages. A great idea is to include newspaper pages in your yearbook. Your story could be about an event, a charity fair or a residential trip. You may have a budding journalist in your year group or you could write it as a class using our Yearbook Lesson Plans!

Yearbook Awards. Including an awards section in your yearbook can be great fun. It's a good way to showcase your schools personality – you can make your awards quite serious or you can make them light-hearted. If you have a large number of people in your yearbook, it's great to have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd. If you're struggling for what awards to have, check out our Yearbook Awards Ideas.

‘Remember When’ Pages. Whether it was the day your teacher fell in the lake or the time you all dressed up for Halloween, every class has a tale to tell. What better place to make sure those priceless memories are never forgotten, than to include them in your yearbook.
If you are creating your yearbook with Leavers' Books, we have a template for this page on our online creator, which makes it really easy to create.

Engine of the School. A popular idea for your yearbook is to include an ‘Engine of the School’ page, which can showcase the unsung heroes of the school. For example, staff that haven't got a profile in the yearbook. You can use it to show off the school grounds or playground; imagine looking back in 20 years at how the school has changed!

Now & Then. Schools just love to include now and then pages in their yearbooks; it's great to show the transition everyone has gone through. Whether it's from reception to year 6, or year 7 to 11, the change will be dramatic and putting this page together will definitely be a giggle.

All of these pages can be put together using our super-easy online creator. It's free to use, so why not sign up now, or if you want to see how these pages look in print, request a sample pack.