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It's always good to think outside the box when it comes to creating your yearbook. Here at Leavers' Books, we see lots of books, each unique and different in their own way. We've put together a few of the pages we love and said why we love them; you could try these in your yearbook...or use them to inspire you!

‘Remember When’ Page

Why Leavers' Books love this...

Most of the ‘Remember When’ pages we see are full of things that have happened throughout the year that involve the pupils or people featuring in the yearbook. This page is a little different as it talks about things outside of the school. It will be a great reminder of what was going on in the world at the time your yearbooks were made.

Montage & Text Double-Page Spread

Why Leavers' Books love this...

By incorporating a montage page and a text page on a double-page spread, you can really make a feature of an event in your yearbook. Lots of schools showcase trips in their yearbooks, but by showcasing photos alongside a write-up, it makes it that little bit more special.

Comic Relief Gallery Page

Why Leavers' Books love this...

So bright and fun, this double-page spread really captures the personality of the pupils in the yearbook.

This book was stitched and it was the centre-spread, so when the book was opened it really looked lovely. Including charity and fundraising events in yearbooks is popular and this school have executed it perfectly.

If you would like to see more yearbook pages, why not request a sample pack or try creating your own on our online creator. Just sign up to get started – it's free!