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It can be great fun to put together yearbook award pages, but if you need some inspiration for awards we have come up with some ideas for you...

Popular Award Ideas

In previous years we have had lots of varied types of award titles. A large number of schools choose to use these popular awards for their yearbooks:

  • Most Likely To Become Famous
  • Funniest Person
  • Friendliest Classmate
  • Sportiest Classmate
  • Best Haircut
  • Biggest Improver
  • Most Caring
  • Nicest Smile

Fun Award Ideas

Bring a bit of fun into your yearbook with these fun yearbook award ideas:

  • Teacher's Pet
  • Class Clown
  • Loudest Laugh
  • Biggest Moaner
  • Brightest Spark
  • Genius Award
  • Biggest Gossip
  • Person With The X-Factor
  • Chatterbox Of The Year

Most Likely To Be... Award Ideas

You can use most likely to be awards to make your awards a bit more fun. For example, ‘Most Likely To Be An Actress’ award makes the usual ‘Drama Queen’ award a little more interesting! Other award ideas:

Most Likely To...

  • Make Millions
  • Become Famous
  • Become A Footballer
  • Become A Comedian
  • Become Prime Minister
  • Win The Lottery
  • Win An Olympic Gold Medal

Celebrity Award Ideas

To make your yearbook awards slightly different, you could use celebrity names. For example, ‘Class Clown’ could become ‘David Walliams Award’ - for making us laugh. Other celebrity award ideas:

  • ‘Lady Ga-Ga Award’ - for crazy clothes
  • ‘Alan Sugar Award’ - for being bossy
  • ‘Katy Perry Award’ - for amazing singing

Staff Yearbook Award Ideas

Let's ensure all the staff are involved too; here are some suggestions:

  • Nicest Teacher
  • Loudest Teacher
  • Biggest Coffee-Lover
  • Best Dinner Lady

Be creative with your awards, and try to include everyone and make sure it is FUN!

Check out our Yearbook Lesson Plans, which has more information on creating your own yearbooks awards.