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Unique Photo Gallery Ideas for the Ultimate Yearbook

Type: All  |  Category: Yearbooks  |  Date: 6th November 2017

Leaver’s Books are back with even more ideas and suggestions on how to get the best out of your pages in your yearbook with photos. Be them montage pages of discos or trips out, to Valentine’s Day events to summer fares, we’ve got it covered.

Unique photo gallery ideas for a school yearbook

Before you begin reading this unique ideas guide, we recommend you read our previous blog Comprehensive Guide to Photos in Your Yearbook for all basic and almost necessary photo and page content ideas to have a great yearbook ready to go. Once you’ve read that and your yearbook is underway, this is the time to give this guide a read.

Time to stand out and capture the true character of your school and its students – the quirks, the stories, and everything in between.

Rekindling Old (Photo) Flames

We’ll start be discussing ideas that were briefly mentioned at the end at the end of our previous blog to re-ignite those ideas and go into more details.

Sports Day

The perfect outdoor opportunity for yearbook photos has to be sports say. Pupils of all ages will get a chance to have fun and take part in races, and with most sports days taking place in June or July there's good chances you'll have a sunny day that both parents and children will want to remember for years to come. Some impressive performances are great to capture, along with some of the winners with their prizes.

We’ll probably say this a lot in each section, but natural shots always look more impressive and attractive – there’s an arty side to yearbooks, and they’re to be visually brilliant. Even photos of just the starting gun going off or the bean bags and potatoes sacks on the ground being prepared could be visually striking. Think unique. Capture the atmosphere, not just the action.

School Trips

Each department will be making the most of taking their classes on field trips as a way of learning outside the classroom – opening up new, exciting challenges and teaching students how to act (and represent) outside of the school gates.

So if the History department go to a local castle for the day, or if the Geography department have a field trip to a landmark or nature reserve close by, someone should take along a camera and you can use the pictures for your yearbook, as well as in the school's newsletter (if you have one). They will also aid for written reports and in the classroom.

Example of a school trip gallery for students to include in a yearbook

Day trips away perfect for the camera can include the common ideas are such as visits to animal enclosures, farms and petting zoos; Victorian buildings or even Victorian experience days where the children spend the day in the life of children gone by - take olden time class room lessons, play with toys from centuries before during break time, and even dress up in old time school uniform.

Not only are school trip collages great for content, but parents can see what the children get up to on fun days out!

Summer Fêtes

Are you hosting a fête at your school this summer? If no, why not? Not only are they fun for the entire school, staff and family, but fantastic material to document and keep the spirit alive within your yearbook.

Make sure there are games where students can get their own back on their teachers, as pupils will definitely want to remember the moment their head teacher was hit with a wet sponge or dunked into a pool! You can capture any wonderful cakes that may have been baked, or even if some students are performing in a band.

Smiles on children’s face guaranteed.

Non-Uniform Days

Often referred to as mufti day, taking advantage of some crazy fashions that the kids are wearing could be hilarious content for your yearbook. Did someone lose a bet and has to dress ridiculous? Are they dressed up like a character form a TV show?

If your non-uniform day has a particular theme, such as a specific colour, sports theme, etc., then you can take some great yearbook photos of pupils as you would already have pictures of them representing the school, and in uniform, elsewhere within the yearbook pages.

School Plays

Be it a performance done by a class or year for assembly, to your annual Christmas nativity, or even a special rendition of Bugsy Malone by your drama club, a school play is going to be gold for your photo galleries. Taking pictures of rehearsals, behind the scenes, and setting up are always going to be fascinating and help tell the story of those big days.

Similarly, if there is a play or performance that your class is attending, you can take photos (with permission) of the piece, or even the students captivated and in awe of the display. This could be a dance recital, a play, a music show or even something as creative as an outdoor Shakespeare piece. To capture it is a great way to mark the occasion.


What collection of photos screams more fun than discos? We’ve already discussed the brilliance of including content from school discos (amongst other things) in our idea for content blog What You Should Be Including in Your Yearbook, but sometimes the pictures can just speak for themselves if you’ve held a special disco during the student’s time at school. With that you can create a fantastic montage page – maybe it could feature photos from various discos over the years, or even a page dedicated to their very first one?

You should also consider the themes for your discos, if you are still to have them. The more character, the more your photos will pop – especially when you capture the children in the moment having fun, or even the surroundings, be it the DJ, the tables of food and drink, the lights, or the decorations.

Example of a end of school leavers’ disco gallery for students to include in a yearbook

Themes such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and even Christmas are firm favourites. It looks visually great if you’re going for seasonal progression and changes throughout your yearbook too. With these themes, there’s always going to be a lot of added accessories thrown in the assembly hall to take photos of too.

If you are thinking of making your disco page extra special by including your end-of-final-year disco, be sure to act fast. Don’t leave it too late to get your yearbook designs sent off and printed in time.

Different Ideas for Taking Pictures of Your Pupils

If you’re in search of something a little bit different, you’re in luck. It’s time to think outside the box of what you want to capture in order for your yearbook to have that wow factor others don’t.

World Book Day/Fancy Dress

It could be World Book Day, it could be International Children’s Book Day, or it could just be a day of fancy dress, but take photos of pupil’s dress up will always find a home within the pages of your yearbook. From getting ready and putting on make-up, to interacting with other students and teachers, the photo will look unique and great.

A Few of Our Favourite Things

We all go through phases and crazes, especially at school when we are influenced by everything and adore anything with colours. If you have space, why not ask the children to bring in their favourite item to have a photo taken with? This could range from toys, to food or snack, to piece of clothing. It’s a simple yet great way to get their character across and remind them or what they were utterly loopy about during their school days.

Snow Days and Nature

Get your camera out whenever it snows! Building snow men in the playground to having fun snowball fights with teachers, there’s always a lot going on when the snow settles at school. You could even try to have a quiz page with games like ‘guess who made the snow angel’ or ‘how tall is the snowman’.

If it’s not snowing, there’s still plenty to explore in the school yard. Sometimes dubbed as ‘nature days’, discovering nature in your own school could be incredibly fascinating. Most schools should have a garden area; maybe vegetables are grown there, or flowers, and some may be lucky enough to have a pond of some kind. If a class lesson revolves around

Raising Money for Charity

You can guarantee laughs will be had on the days where everyone loosens up and money is being raised for charity. Whether you’re seeing the head teacher sit in a bathtub full of baked beans in the playground, someone is shaving their beard off, or you’re throwing wet sponges at the PE teachers for a price. Getting your school involved in fundraisers, auctions, and all kind of activities for charity are not only great for the community but great for unique and special pictures.

Another great photo to include would be seeing how the money raised was spent – did it go to a local charity? Think of the visual impact it will have for the children if they can see where their money went and how they have helped others as a result of having fun.

For more ideas on fundraising for your school, and even how it can help in the process of raising money with your yearbook, take a look at our blog Are You Thinking About Fundraising for Your School?.

A Selfie a Day...

We’ll make our last suggestion a good one – selfies! It wasn’t really a thing back when you were at school, but it’s all the rage now. How else can you express your emotion, or show off your new sunglasses, or even just let your fans how you made it home from the shops in one piece? Are you able to scour the Instagram and Twitter feeds of your students and find great (and hilarious) selfies to create a collage? These sort of pages have always proved popular, and we love seeing them!

Example of a student selfie gallery for children to include in a school yearbook

Children love to take part in all varieties of activities no matter what it involves; be sure to always have a camera nearby so that they can reminisce together over the fun times in the future. Don’t forget, these photos will probably be used to show your pupils’ future husband and wives, ensure that they are at least a little bit embarrassing!

Think Outside the Box

Or better yet, have them write in one! Take a page or two to have the children sign their names (like an autograph) or write a sentence that captures tier handwriting. If you’re feeling more creative, you could always have them draw a doodle to see how their artistic skills were back in the day.

Speaking of art, if you have any pictures of old art projects, or wonderful pieces created by the students, never second guess the decision to include them or create a gallery/collage of their work. For some, it could be the only art they create, and many would still be proud of their work!

You can always take that idea one step further and merge an art project with a yearbook – and host a front cover creation competition. Each student attempts to create your Leaver’s Books front cover and the winner graces the front! For every noteworthy entry, you can have a collage in the book with details of who won, who entered and how much you loved all the entries!

By now you should have a vast array of ideas for visual content – so you better get started creating your yearbook, right? Head on over to our online creator and begin creating your school’s yearbook today!

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