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Then vs. Now: Fashion

Type: All  |  Category: Then vs. Now  |  Date: 19th March 2018

This goes deeper than expressing yourself via. your backpack with patches, badges and the use of a black marker pen. We look back at the 90s era of fashion with a mixture of pride, wonder and contentment – but what do the children of today think about our clothes?

Examples of 90s fashion in today’s world and what children think of them

What decade really rocked? To help celebrate our new ‘Retro’ yearbook theme, Leavers’ Books are taking a look at the eras that influenced its design – the 80s and 90s. Each month, we humorously discuss what was great (and not so great!) about the good ol’ days and if they still stand the test of time!

I spent a lot of my younger years trying to perfect my hair-style, assuming it would be my signature look and my key feature. The main ingredient for this was a 99p tub of hair gel my father bought from ASDA – mine was green for firm hold, and my brother’s was blue for the wet look. I could never settle on the idea of having spikes or sporting curtains as if I were in a boy band like A1. No matter what, I ended up with a fluffy bowl cut instead.

Maybe if you added just a spot of more wet-look hair gel, I thought, the hair could stay parted, somehow. This was never the case. It was the equivalent of my sister losing her colourful stick-on earrings mere minutes after putting them on. The height of my creativity didn’t come in the form of how to avoid headers at all cost during football at lunch time, but when my father banned me from using hair gel – some form of punishment for the week.

Under some mad illusion, I thought it a suitable replacement to use a bar of soap to hold my hair together – never minding the look of mass yellow and pink dandruff, or the bubbles that ran down my face when it rained or I sweat during PE.

But from a young age, I cared about how I looked – and that transgressed into how I dressed, how people saw me, and ultimately, fashion. So long as we excuse the begrudging 00s where it seemed the norm to rock a t-shirt with all four South Park characters or the ‘Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics’ logo on.

What does today’s generation think of 90s fashion?

Where those nights crying at the Matalan catalogue all for nothing?

In January, our office banished Blue Monday by having a day dedicated to the 90s, which included the timely tradition of dressing up. We snapped some of our favourite outfits and wondered what students from Fulbridge Academy would have to say about these choices…

“The yellow, it suits her”
Okay, safe start…

“If I were to go a party, I would wear what Eve is wearing out of all of these. The flower in hair looks really nice and the jacket and skirt fit well”
“I like Eve’s jacket and skirt; how they match - but I don’t like how she’s got a white top and over that there’s this red t-shirt. She should get rid of that”

“Morgan’s outfit is tragic, it’s just embarrassing. People would just look at you and it’d be awkward – the top doesn’t even fit her!”
“I also think Morgan’s put a bit too much make-up on over her eyes”

Ah, kids say the darndest things (about one of our directors).

“I really don’t like Haylee’s outfit because she’s wearing a vest on top of her top so it looks ridiculous”
“I also agree, it looks like she came from a farm”

“I think Jade’s looks nice, but get rid of the blue short jeans – wear trousers instead and ditch the jumper around your waist!”
“Jade looks like she’s going to a party but none of her clothes match!”
“I think if she just removed the blue shorts she’d look better – but change that hair style!”

“I think Emma’s clothing is quite nice but it’s a bit boring, it’s a bit normal”

“I don’t like Jacky’s because – I don’t know if it’s leggings or tights or what – but they’re see-thru; just no”

“I don’t like Naomi’s outfit. She looks nice, but then she also looks like a builder – is she going to build a house or something?”
“I think Naomi’s outfit is just terrible”
“Naomi’s clothes are terrible, none of them match! It looks messy; she looks like she’s going into battle!”

“I really despise Ashley’s outfit because it looks really weird, and also her hair is messy; like she didn’t have time to comb it – I don’t really like that”
Okay, don’t hold back now guys. It was all the rage 25 years ago. We were only having a bit of fun…

“As for Delphi’s fashion choices, I wouldn’t do that; I would go in normal clothes”
“I don’t like Delphi’s – she looks like a person who works at home and does chores, she doesn’t look like someone with responsibilities”
“Some of the clothes don’t’ match. I think she needs to match her clothes and pick better colours”
Do they not know who Britney is?!

“I think Gav looks very rocky and very informal – quite out there, it suites his appearance”
“I don’t really like his clothes because he’s got a big hole in his trousers”
“That’s the latest fashion”
“Well it’s too big!”
“For Gav’s outfit, it looks as if you would got a concert where there would be rock music. I think that people would look at him and think “Wow, he really must have thought about this outfit””

It’s as if they knew I would be the one transcribing this – think I got off pretty lightly.

So what have we really learned when it comes to clothes, fashion, and the-way-things-used-to-be?

Kids don’t like it.

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