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Summer Activities For Schools

Type: Primary  |  Date: 5th May 2016

Stuck for school activity ideas for the summer term?

The SATs are over and the holidays are approaching fast but there’s still plenty of fun to be had before you say goodbye to your year 6 pupils.

We’ve gathered up some of the most popular summer activities for schools to give you a little inspiration.

Residential Trip

Residential trips are always popular with schools whether it’s a day trip to London to see the sites, a walking trip in the Peak District or an action packed adventure trip, residential trips give pupils an opportunity to explore, discover new things and try unusual activities.

School Production

Give your pupils the chance to get creative and develop their acting skills with a summer term production. Classics like Bugsy Malone are always popular or you could get your students involved in creating an entirely original production.

Transition to Secondary School Work

The transition from Primary to Secondary school can be a daunting prospect for pupils so planning classes based around what secondary school will be like is a great way to ease their minds. You can talk to them about how secondary school will differ to primary school and introduce them to the type of lessons they’ll be taking. You can also use the opportunity to answer any questions they might have.

Sports Day

Sports Day is a great opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine as well as encouraging fitness and friendly competition. Organising training in the run up to the actual day is also a great way to encourage pupils to exercise and hone their skills.

Yearbook Classes

Getting your pupils involved in creating your yearbook is good fun and helps them create a lasting connection to your school. Download our lesson plans to get started.

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