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Making School Memories: Staff Christmas Panto

Type: All  |  Category: Making School Memories  |  Date: 11th December 2017

Can’t find the time to plan a panto for your school? Leaver’s Books have done the work for you! That’s right, this month’s Making School Memories blog has it all – the script ready to download, the cast, and everything in between to ensure the kids have a wonderfully fun Christmas seasonal send-off!

Ideas of a Christmas panto held by teachers for students to enjoy

Making School Memories is designed to do exactly what its title suggests – provide you with wonderful ideas that will make children remember their time at school fondly. Leavers’ Books will take a look at unique and fun ideas that can turn your classroom upside down, strip away the bland and mundane lesson plans and really make education an experience.

Christmas is not just the time to get the Argos catalogue out and circle what toys and gadgets you want Santa to bring down the chimney for you that year – it’s a time for families to gather together in theatres, community centres and schools, and shout “Oh no he isn’t”!

You can Google the word ‘pantomime’ and be presented with this description: ”Pantomime (informally ‘panto’), is a type of musical comedy stage production, designed for family entertainment. It was developed in England and is still performed throughout the United Kingdom, generally during the Christmas and New Year season and, to a lesser extent, in other English-speaking countries.” But in Leavers’ Books terms, it means a ruddy good time.

To ensure your school has a good time this Christmas period, we’ve taken the hard work out of your day and come up with a quick, funny, and easy adaptation of Cinderella for you and your teachers to perform – because no end-of-year assembly is complete without a performance!

Here’s just a snippet of the script to give you a flavour of what’s in store:

Example of a school class children students enjoying a christmas play panto by teachers

Like what you see? Below we’ve set out everything you need to know and at the bottom, well, you’re one click away from downloading your free script and making a wonderful school memory. But first, let’s tell you a little bit about what’s in store, allow us to…

Set the Scene

A key thing to consider is your venue. Where do you normally host your assemblies (assuming you will perform this panto during your final assembly time)?  A gathering of a lot of students will require a big hall so the same setting goes part-and-parcel with an assembly. Considering what’s required within the play, you need to make sure you have lots of space, good acoustics so the children at the back can hear your voice, and a bumping sound system!

Save the Date

When are you going to have it? The date is something to never overlook – the last day of term is always a winner in our eyes; you end the year on a high, and with the dancing and cheeky jokes, it allows the children to let loose a little and relax on their final day.

Regarding performance times, this is a 40 minute show roughly, so you might want to break this up to one performance for EYFS & KS1 students and a separate for KS2.

Example of a school class children students enjoying a christmas play panto by teachers

Role Call for the Cast

There are a fair few roles for this panto – so you will need to pull in some favours to get most of the teachers involved, and maybe even a dinner lady or two!

Speaking parts:

  • Cinderella, the star of the show
  • Prince Charming
  • Fairy Godmother
  • Stepmother, the wicked… you know
  • Rankeener, one half of the ugly step-sisters
  • Mingeler, the other half (possibly even uglier!)
  • Baron Hardup, the father whose name says it all
  • Buttons: sweet, chipper, friend-zoned
  • King Philip
  • Queen Alexandra
  • Lord Chamberlain
  • Royal Herald
  • Footman 1
  • Footman 2, sort of…

Non-speaking parts:

It’s really ideal to have a few extra people appear as Party Guests. They do not need to do much at all, simply dance when ‘Uptown Funk’ plays to get the children involved and make up the numbers in the ‘ball’ scene. Great for those who don’t want a big part but want to be part of the fun!

Example of a school class children students enjoying a christmas play panto by teachers


What you can’t overlook is you’ll need some stage hands, not actually performing, but to make sure everything is running smoothly. Whilst it should be a smooth operation, you will need someone on cue to play the music and magical sounds to excite the children.

Alongside that, you can’t not have a photographer! You’ll certainly want to capture the looks on the children’s faces as they lose themselves at the ball, and best of all, it makes wonderful content for a yearbook.

Music and the Rest

Our version of Cinderella contains a few songs that you’ll need to get prior to your performance, and they are:

  • Adam & the Ants - Prince Charming
  • Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
  • Cilla Black – Something Tells Me (Something's Going to Happen)
  • One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
  • The Nolans - I'm in the Mood for Dancing
  • Jingle Bells
  • Party music as background noise

You’ll also need to use your computer skills to obtain a few sound bites (unless you’re feeling extra creative and can create your own) to go along with the play:

  • Clock striking midnight
  • Trumpets playing
  • Magical sound for spells

The way this play is presented, the characters make the scene – so you will not need to spend time building props or a big backdrop. Of course, if you have the resources, it certainly doesn’t help, but never underestimate a child’s imagination when they are having fun.

Download Your Free ‘Christmas Panto’ Script!

Simply click the box below and your free Cinderella script will begin to download.
It’s provided in a Microsoft Word document, but is also compatible with a Mac.


Our school Christmas panto will no doubt make a great contribution to your yearbook in our gallery styled pages, and we’d love to see what pictures you take of your performance too! ‘Tis the season after all.

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