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A Fun Class Project for After Year 6 SATs!

Type: Primary  |  Date: 16th May 2016

Now the high pressure SATs are over teachers and children alike are probably feeling a little exhausted. As thoughts turn to summer it can be difficult to keep the kids engaged in something productive that’s related to the curriculum. There is a feeling that the ‘important’ stuff is over, which is why many Year 6 teachers use this time to work on interesting projects that include elements from the curriculum for literacy and numeracy (among others), but which are also more creative and fun to do.

After SATs, a change in pace and approach in this way can really help children to get over the stress of this period, without losing out on the learning there is still left to do before they make the transition to secondary education.

There are many ideas for cross curricular projects that can be used during this time. Keeping a structure to lessons in this way, while also doing something the children see as more relaxed and fun, can be just the tonic after the intensity of the testing period.

Some of these may include:

  • A yearbook project to consolidate and further children’s writing and IT skills, as well as design skills and working together (more info below, see a sample yearbook)
  • An enterprise project where children work in groups and research, produce, advertise and pitch a product (see example)
  • ‘Theme Park’ maths where children have a limited budget to design their own theme park (see example)
  • Kensuke’s Kingdom project to help consolidate literacy and comprehension skills (see example)

Starting a Leavers' Book Project

A Leavers' Book or Yearbook project can be a fantastic way to finish the school year with your Year 6 class. It incorporates many skills they have learned throughout their education with you, while being a fun activity that will keep the class engaged through to the end of the year. Everyone can take part in writing and putting together memories - it’s a great keepsake for their time with you that they can take away and cherish forever.

Lesson plans can be built around different sections of the book and a wide range of skills will be used. There is still time to put together your very own class yearbook and have it printed.

Here you can find free lesson plans for the whole class including ‘Yearbook Profile Writing’, ‘Staff Interviews’, ‘Yearbook Awards’ and ‘Newspaper Article Writing’

Your yearbook can contain whatever you want it to, but if you need some ideas there are plenty of Yearbook Award ideas and Page Ideas to get you started.

So now the SAT's are over and done with, why not do something fun with your pupils and create your Leavers' Book now!

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