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Autograph Books are an awesome way of collecting personal messages from classmates and staff.

Yearbooks are awesome, and everyone loves hoodies... but there is something special about the personal touch of autograph books. Pupils love signing their friend's autograph books in the last week of term.

We offer personalised and non-personalised autograph book options; take a look through the examples below.

£1.40 - £1.90


Add a splash of colour to your last day!


This pocket-sized book of messages is ideal for the creative soul!

School Bell

A traditional, modern-looking book with decorative pages!

Pen to Paper

A blank canvas just waiting for the students to leave their mark!

Pencils and Protractors

Simple in design with lined paper, a pencil cases best friend!

Modern Retro

Let your pen flow in this smart, simple autograph book!

£2.40 - £2.70


A choice of colours to help capture those goodbyes for leavers!


Fancy in name and fancy by nature - Personalise this great gift for your leavers!

Doodles' Big Brother

Personalise this crazy and colourful book with names and quotes!


Celebrate those final few days with cheer.


Add a splash of colour to your last day!

Retro (No Photo)

Add a splash of colour to your last day!

Tomorrow's Retro

Add a splash of colour to your last day!

£4 +

Scrolls n' Stuff

Personalise the funky front cover with a picture and school name!

Classic Oxford

Our most recent and certainly most formal autograph book to date!