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Honestly, no extra cost. Before you start looking for the catch, or the small print that says that you'll be hit with a big design charge, let us save you some time. Our team of designers will do all of the design work for you, at the exact same cost as if you'd used our Online Yearbook Creator. Not a penny more. Zilch. Literally, for free.

Yearbooks are fantastic, and pupils love them, but we understand that sometimes you just don't have the time to put them together. Which is completely understandable, and we don't think that should stop you making a yearbook. Which is why we offer our completely free, professionally designed yearbook service.

Use our Professionally Designed Service if…

  • You don't have enough time to design the yearbook yourself and would rather we do the hard work for you
  • You just don't want to design the yearbook yourself – it's okay to admit it, we won't judge
  • You don't really have an eye for design and would like a professional's touch

How it works…

We know that you're busy people, which is why we have made every effort to ensure that the entire process of creating a yearbook with us is as simple as possible.

1. Request USB Stick

Fill in your details and click ‘Request USB’ on the form below.

It takes two minutes, honestly.

2. Upload Your Content

The USB has a user-guide and pre-loaded folders on it, so it's pretty easy to work out what to save where.

If you have any issues, just get in touch and we'll help you out.

3. Let Us Do Our Thing

This is where we come into our own.

You approve the proof and finalise the payments (the Yearbook Payment Portal will be a big help here), and we do the rest.

Once we're done printing and binding, we deliver your yearbooks – free of charge, of course.

These are the main parts of the process. For more information on production, please go to How It Works and Yearbook Timescales.


Yearbook Payment Portal

Taking payments for your yearbooks is another thing we don't think you should have to worry about. That's why we built the Yearbook Payment Portal.

The Yearbook Payment Portal takes the stress out of collecting payment.