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We're pretty proud of our Online Yearbook Creator, and we think that our Professionally Designed service is fantastic. (It's also free, if you're interested?) But if you'd rather use your own software, we won't be offended, but we still think that your yearbooks deserve to be beautifully printed and professionally bound, otherwise all your hard work is going to waste.

Use our Yearbook Printing Service if…

  • You want to design your yearbook, your way, rather than using our free, online, specialist software. (Honestly, we're not upset about this.)
  • You're a pro at using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, or another design programme.
  • You want beautifully printed and professionally bound yearbooks.

Need A Price?

How it works...

We make sure that working with us is simple. Here are the three steps you need to take to create your yearbook…

1. Do Your Thing

Use the software of your choice to design your yearbooks.

2. Send Us Your PDFs

Save the files as PDFs and send them over to us. (We will do a quick check of your files to make sure they're set up correctly for print.)

3. Let The Magic Happen

Let us do our thing. Once we're done printing and binding, we send you your yearbooks – free of charge, of course.

These are the main parts of the process. For more information on production, please go to How It Works and Yearbook Timescales.


Yearbook Payment Portal

Have you heard about our Yearbook Payment Portal? It's our online payment platform that allows parents, carers or students to log on and pay for their yearbooks. It takes the stress out of collecting payment.