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Whiteboard pages are a firm favourite - and they are so easy to create. All you need is a camera, an idea, and a whiteboard, blackboard, or even just an A4 piece of paper. That's it! You'll also need an idea. You'll need your students to answer the same question; but each in their own, quirky and honest way. The end result looks incredible and helps break up the look of the same sort of pages in your yearbook.

If you're using A4 Paper, be sure to use a thick marker pen so the words can be clearly seen in your photos. Always take your photos in good light and preferably with a plain backdrop so the focus is on the child and their answer. The photos will also pop more on the pages of your designs too.

After ideas for your Whiteboard page?

So, what questions could you ask to get your whiteboard page started? This could be anything that has been included whilst creating your Student Profile pages - as many questions would've been asked; some answers given could end up being gold for this type of page. For an idea of what you could ask, take a look at our free lesson plan, designed at making the creation of Student Profile pages easy, or here's a little list of ideas for you:

  • Your dream job
  • Where do you see yourself in ten years
  • Favourite subject at school
  • A confession/secret
  • Your hidden talent

You could even try to think outside the box and let the artistic student dictate play. Have them draw around students and set a funny scene or present their friends in ways they've always wanted to be!

If you have a big school, you don't have to do this for every student - but try to find other pages where those students can shine. Whiteboard pages are such a creative way to show each student's aspirations and this is a fun page after all, so try to keep it up-beat and light-hearted.