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Selfies let us in, to see a different side of students (and teachers!) as they express themselves one-on-one with the camera. Taken on their own terms (after about 12 failed angles before, of course), selfies allow the taker to show the world how they wish to be perceived and seen as. So, have you thought about having a selfies page in your yearbook?

Try to encourage students to submit their own pictures, taken at home or out and about, rather than at school, as a way to better show who they are as individuals. Alternatively, if you are struggling, setting aside some time during a class (or asking during lunch time) could give your selfies page a theme. Do you want them to all pull a certain pose or facial expression? Re-enact their favourite emoji? Dare to be different with your gallery pages - but we know that selfies are always a winner.

Quite possibly the funniest thing is knowing how much the children will have a laugh and cringe at their old selfies when they come to look back at those pages years later!