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Fancy making the students cringe in their older years? School discos and dances could be exactly what you are looking for. Taking pictures of the big events being set up, of everyone arriving dress to the nines, and having fun, dancing away during the night is great visual content.

For secondary schools, the leaver's prom is a big night - students dressed to the nines and transitioning into young adults. It's a very important moment for them, whilst having a brilliant time, so it is worth capturing!

Would you care to dance?

Alongside that, describing the night, retelling tales that happened, and even telling stats of how the night was put together makes great reading time and time again. For example, create a list like this to help summarise the night:

  • 120 balloons blown up and used
  • 55 litres of coca-cola drank
  • 2 Macarenas danced
  • 12 teachers caught singing along to Bruno Mars
  • £275 raised for new sports equipment in the raffle
  • 100 happy students!

You can have your leavers' prom spread out over several pages - for there will be so much to capture; the decor along could take up an entire page. Should you give out awards during the disco, you can even have a page dedicated to those who won, holding up their prizes.

If the DJ ends up playing some songs worth the light of day, it's always worth making a note of some too - it would be fun for students to look back in twenty years time and see what the playlist for their big night was!