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Whether you had a photo booth at your leavers' disco, for a fun day at your school, or 'just because', remember that those photos can make one epic collage for your yearbook! They're a brilliant way to fill one, two, three, four pages up with vibrant, colourful and wacky photos! They fit right at home with the style of our gallery pages too - you could say it's a win-win!

As you can see from some of our examples, if you don't have a photo booth - that's no problem at all! You can get creative and make your own! Not only would it make a fun art lesson, but it doubles up as an excellent contribution for your students working together to make your Leavers' Book yearbook extra special.

All you need is a big photo frame and as many props (on sticks!) as you can think of to ensure everyone is as wild looking as the last.

Think outside of the box too - maybe you could have a collection of 'real' photo booth photos (we're talking the machines - not a hire company at an event) of the staff and teachers form when they were growing up!