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The 'Guess Who' page is our take on a fun, interactive page - which, when you think about it, gets harder the older you get. It's a fun way to stay sharp and remember your teachers, and best of all, is a really simple one to put together.

You can take some smart, professional photos of your staff (or even special objects that mean something to your school - like a mascot, or award, or book) and find a way to morph the photos. This could be by putting an object in front of the main focus, warping the photo with a wave, blur or mash effect, or even putting a few blocks in front - think Catchphrase!

As you can see from our example above, we've opted for a ghoulish Halloween themed guess who activity page - but don't let your imagination stop there. Let it run wild. Think of all the crazy concepts your teachers or objects can hide behind: animals, slime and splats, symbols, famous faces, face paint, black silhouettes, even wrestling masks!

If you don't have any pictures, that doesn't always matter. You can try and describe teachers with just text and see if they can be guessed - think of funny phrases they would say, or describe what they always wear, etc., for a unique spin on playing 'Guess Who'!