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Galleries are the perfect page for content, or filling up space; it's a sudden burst of excitement and silly memories - you have a plethora of advantages for including them into your yearbook. When you think about it, sometimes pictures will speak for themselves, they have help get a joke across, or just show the journey your students have been on and showcase how they have developed and grown.

After ideas for your Gallery?

'Gallery' being such a broad term leaves you with a great advantage: you could have a gallery on pretty much anything (and they'll always look great)! We've compiled a list of the most common galleries we've come across in yearbooks we've printed, and ones we think are extra special and worth your time:

  • Residential trip/School trips away
  • School disco
  • Sports day
  • Charity day
  • A day of fancy dress/Non-uniform days
  • Engine of the School
  • Whiteboard confessions
  • Baby pictures
  • Summer fetes
  • School plays

As you can see, there's a lot to choose from! It's also not too hard to think outside the box on what you want and how to display it.

One thing we've noticed becoming more popular over the last few months is the arrival of a selfie page. Everyone takes a cheeky picture of themselves these days, and it's time to exploit that and make the students cringe when they're much older looking at how they posed or how they dressed - the selfie page is perfect for that! It's a great way to get the students involved in the project too but selecting their favourite selfie to include.

Montage pages are a little bit different to Gallery pages - but they essential consist of the same thing: images. Gallery pages are broken up with borders and may usually have a maximum of 6 to 8 pictures per page, whilst Montage pages are a collection of images, much like a scrapbook; no borders and no rules!

Time for a timeless art exhibition?

When you step away from school and yearbooks, and think of the word 'gallery', what comes to mind? Art? Beautiful paintings in a decorated museum? You're on the money.

If anyone in your year has created a masterpiece (inside or outside of school) - there's no better place to showcase it than within your yearbook. Be it photos of a sculpture, or some wonderful drawings or paintings, this is exactly why we created the gallery page!

Remember: If you have similar images, do not bunch them together on your page - spread them out. We also recommend that you do not have to use a caption if you do not wish to; sometimes a photo is instantly recognisable for what it represents and speaks for itself!