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Your yearbook is all about remembering the amazing times your pupils shared at your school. Which is why we believe you should have some fun with it. There's a good chance you've had a fancy dress day this year, maybe for World Book Day or Comic Relief. Or maybe you've got one on the horizon?

But have you considered a fancy dress page in your yearbook, full of pictures?

There will most probably be a day in your school calendar where children are given the opportunity to dress up. It could be for a school play, or an event, or even 'just because'! No matter the reason, it's a great chance to grab the camera and get snapping those crazy home-made costumes. Some favourites we've seen are:

  • Superheroes
  • Characters for World Book Day
  • Christmas characters
  • Halloween costumes
  • Dressing up for Red Nose Day/Comic Relief
  • Pyjamas
  • Pirates
  • A day from history

Oh, and before you start worrying that your pupils will be having all the fun, you could always go fancy dress for your staff pictures too...

Considered dressing up or dressing down?

Your school may have a day where you dress up - that's a little bit different from your regular fancy dress. That means suits, ties, blazers, heels, beautiful dresses and perhaps even a small hat as if you were at the Newmarket races.

Similarly, a dress down day is like a 'mufti' day; a fantastic way for children to express themselves with their clothes and fashion sense, wearing what they feel comfortable in. It could just be a football t-shirt, but it could be a certain pair of jeans, or the way they wear their jumper. It says a lot about the child and a wonderful way to build their confidence.

You can use several different page templates for a page dedicated to fancy dress content. We usually recommend a collage of pictures - as the photos will speak for themselves; all you need is a heading to say where, when, and why! For some inspiration on easy and quick-to-make costumes, take a look at our blog on fancy dress for World Book Day.