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This is the first thing everyone is going to see - so it's got to be memorable! Depending on the cover design template you have selected, you have the ability to upload anywhere between one to three different pictures for yearbook cover.

We've seen many different covers over the years, and schools in the past have used a wide variety of images including:

  • School logo
  • School building
  • Class photo
  • School mascot

Whilst they are the core images most would go for, several other suggestions include the playground, photos of a sporting event or the school's team, a big art project everyone joined in on, photos of the teachers together, the classroom (either empty or filled with life), class productions or plays in action, fancy dress, and photos from activity days or school trips that meant something special.

Seeking inspiration for a unique cover design?

If you're feeling a bit 'out there', and really want to stamp your individuality, look further afield. Seek out album covers and DVD covers for unique inspiration and finishing touches - what sort of images have been used that really draw your attention or you think looks visually magnificent?

Think also, what relevance does this picture have? If it's of a bench, is that bench special, and presented for a reason, does it house many incredible, sentimental memories, or is it just a regular bench in the playground?

Of course, you do not have to use photos on your cover if you do not wish to, but there are some ideas of what you could use if you wanted your cover to have more of an eye-catching identity!

Whilst the main premise of your cover will be based upon photos, there is still room for text - specifically on the back. For the text on your back cover you could include anything; you have 500 characters to play with!

Your message can include a goodbye or heartfelt words of wisdom, you could include your school's motto or a thank you to the teachers who helped put the yearbook together for the class. Some schools have added a poem written by the class to their back cover. You could even write a little about your favourite memories with the year group.

Don't forget, if you are an online creator user, you must complete your back cover text and save this before you can upload your images.