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A group shot of all students in those traditional three rows with the teacher sitting in the middle on the bottom row is always loved. It's a staple to any school experience; it's also what we love to see when we're older and reminiscing. There's always one child blinking, and one with the biggest smile in the world. Not only should it take up an entire page of your yearbook, but you have many options thereafter with this feature.

We here at Leavers' Books love the idea of comparison. For example, including a class photo from Reception or Year 1 to see who has come and gone, how the children have grown, and how friendships have developed is always bound to have people staring at for awhile. Another idea is, after the serious photo, to have a silly one! Everyone jumping in the air, or pulling funny faces, can show the other side of the students and the juxtaposition works really well in making you smile. If the students went away on a class trip, sometimes a group photo of them in outdoor gear or their PE kit from sports day is always an option.

You may now be asking, how do I take a good class photo? So just some reminders for you: they always look better taken outside on a sunny day or inside, and remember to use somewhere that is well lit as this will prevent your image from becoming grainy. You will need to ensure that the photos you take are landscape, as these will fit into our book templates easiest, but also there is no wasted space!