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The last page can actually be classed as either two things: the last page inside the yearbook, or the back cover. Our designs allow you to add pictures and text to the back cover if you so wish - or if you prefer to keep it neat and plain, then the final inside page is the way to go.

The last page they see before putting the yearbook down has got to have an impact - a big hit of nostalgia, purpose and heart. You have a lot more freedom with this page than many others, and there is no set tradition on how to end your yearbook, or any rules you need to follow. It's how you want to end your book that matters.

Need ideas for your Last Page?

The most common 'features' we seem to come across with yearbooks are:

  • A letter from the headmaster/teacher
  • A poem, or prayer
  • An inspirational quote
  • A class photo
  • A photo of the school
  • A funny photo of a fond memory
  • A 'thank you' message to those who contributed

Sometimes, and we feel this applies here, less is more. Just the one picture can have more meaning than ten; and a small, sentimental paragraph will get across better than a mini-essay or long list of thanks.

There is no select design for a final page, like what there is with an introduction page, so if you just want a picture, you can have just a picture; if you want just text, you can have just text. You can choose any page design you want - but just be sure it's a conclusion!