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Perfect for content is a profile set of all the pupils in the year. There are several routes you can go down when adding pages of the students; the two main ones are:

  • Profile: A series of questions or statements answered like stats for a fact-file (eg. Favourite colour; Favourite song; Favourite teacher). It's short and snappy and they will love to read the answers their classmates put.
  • Text: To sum up, this is an open forum for the student to write what they want. You may have already set them with a question or guidelines on what to write about (be it 'Describe your time at school' or 'What was your favourite memory', or even 'Tell us a little bit about yourself').
Examples of children in student profile pages for an end-of-year yearbook for schools

The number of children you place on a page has impact on how much text and information you can include. For example, if you have a small class of leavers' you can have one pupil per page, which will allow a full page of text to be included per child. Or if you have quite a lot of pupils within your class, you can use our three pupils per page template which will allow a small paragraph of information per child.

All profiles include a photo of each child to accompany their profile (just make sure you have the parent's permission first). The smart option is to have the children go in alphabetical order, much like with the register, to ensure no one is missed out.

By having a play around in our online yearbook creator, you can see the differences (depending on style and design) and see which best suits your needs.

Are you taking photos of your students too?

Pupils - the hardest working part of the eye! Now we're looking at pupil photos, if you're still following since that terrible pun. One thing to always check before going ahead with pictures of students is to ensure that the parents are happy for their child's photo to appear in the yearbook. Usually, this should never be a problem, but it's always recommended to get permission. To save you some time, we've already produced permission slips for your school to print off and hands to parents to allow your children to be included!

Taking fresh, new photos for this is always a winner. If they house a similar style, it will create a sense of unity and no one will feel left out. Remember to make a list of every student and make sure those off on photo day still get their picture taken in the same fashion down the line!

A second tip is, if you were to include more than one picture, select one of their own; that shows them expressing their individuality. If they're in casual clothes, the better, or better yet, doing an activity they love - be it swimming, reading, playing football, horse riding or taekwondo.

What can I get my children to write about?

When it comes to completing your pupil pages, it can be hard to know where to begin. We recommend setting a lesson aside where your pupils can complete their own profile details and include their own memories. This will give you time to go through what they want to include, help the children with what to write and check that everything is in order before adding it to their book. It is advisable to proof read these pages, especially if the children are typing up their profiles themselves.

To help you put together the pupil profiles for your yearbook, you can use our helpful lesson plan based on profile writing.