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It was almost staple to line up with the register, and one by one hand over your permission slip and swarm the rented coach to be whisked off miles away to a historical site. Armed with a cagoule and packed lunch, it was a unique learning experience to step outside of the classroom and actively see, hear, and touch history.

There should no doubt be one teacher present with a camera, snapping all the wild tasks the students get involved in - the groups they form and crazy inside jokes they make. Who bought what from the tuck shop? Be sure to take a photo! A school trip away is a unique memory and makes a brilliant page or spread in your yearbook.

You have various options for creating a school trips page in your end of year yearbook. We see a common trend in schools opting for a newspaper article style page; it's a special way of reporting back on the trip, including both photos and a written report reminiscing on events. If you're more of a visual, go wild with a collage or montage page, or go way outside the box and use templates in the pupil profiles and create a timeline of the day!