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Our newspaper template pages are a great way to chop-and-change your content up - and share the experiences of your school life as if it made national news. Not only does it help promote reading and writing skills for the students, it is a fun and different way to kick-start a trip down memory lane.

Ideas for your newspaper page could vary from the following:

  • Summary of your school's residential trip
  • An account of the leavers' disco
  • A fun event or overview of a charity day
  • A recap of sports day, listing the winners
  • A crazy unique story that happened at school one day

What do you make of our list? Thought of something that we haven't? Be sure to let us know!

Get the students involved and they can have a go at writing a newspaper article that could feature in the final yearbook! You can make professional looking articles in your yearbook using our free, downloadable newspaper templates.