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This is quite a unique and quirky page idea for content, and you may not wish to use it - but it does hold good value and is a great feature to your yearbook if you chose to do so. We say this because not only does it bring back the nostalgia of the pop hits and what movies were keeping students on the edge of their seats - what did everyone want to see come the weekend?

Best of all, it's really simple! Striped back, it's two lists of fun things!

This is a great page to get the children involved in, suggesting or even voting for their top songs and movies of the year - because let's face it, teachers don't always know what's cool.

Whilst we have a page design dedicated to your 'Favourite Songs and Films of the Year', the purple might not suit your theme, and you of course do not need to use it to share your memories. Our gallery or text pages can work wonders too - so mix it up and share your films with both pictures and text; throw in the CD cover along with some lyrics to really get the party started!