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You may have read in other page ideas, we've suggested referencing the future, and showcasing what inspirations or motives a student may have at their young age. We think including a 'In 15 Years Time...' page is an excellent addition to your yearbook - you also have so many options to take if it's something you want to include too.

Think about it: your students could simple write in a few words what they want to do as a career, they could write a paragraph or short story about their future life/a day in their future, or you can get those creative souls to grab the colouring pencils and visually show you the future life they're aiming for!

With that, it can be a gallery page, a simple fact on their student profile page, a whiteboard page, a newspaper article, or anything you can think of.

Not only will it be a brilliant exercise for them to express their inner-ambitions and desires, but it could also help fuel and motivate them to achieve their goals - be it acting, in sports, in academia; simply asking them to put on record what their dreams are could put them on track and spark that determination. It could also finally make your children think about what they want to do!