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The heartbeat of your school is something we've dubbed 'Engine of the School' - to help group together all the parts of the school that often get overlooked, but should be remembered. This can be anything from the reception, admin offices, dinner hall, to the staff behind the scenes; dinner ladies, care-taker, and anyone in between.

Like with your class photo page, the Engine of the School is going to be largely photo based. It's there for visual enjoyment and triggering memories.

We class this as a space for you to include photos of additional members of staff or areas of you school. But what kind pictures could you include? School's use a variety of images to include within their Engine of the School pages, you could add staff members who may not be included in your staff pages, this includes classroom assistants, canteen staff, the office team a maintenance manager, learning mentor or even staff from the school.

However it is not only staff that you can include in your Engine of the School, you could include images of the school buildings, playground area or an area which the children usually play with toys. It may even be worth including resources such as the computer room, learning area such as a reading space or library, and perhaps there is an area that the children enjoy being creative. You could even use this page to include an image of a display or an area you are particularly proud of.

Never rush with taking these pictures, try and experiment with different shots and angles and don't be afraid to scrap the photos completely if you're not happy with them. Remember that their purpose is to be visually exciting and spark memories. There is no right or wrong when it comes to the Engine of the School page, it is up to you to decide what is appropriate to include and decide what images to use!