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Whether it is a dance move, a certain toy, or a TV show from the 80s that's made a very unexpected comeback with a reboot (it's not as good anyway, the voices are different and its essence was lost when they tried to spark a love interest...) - there is always going to be something that the children of your classroom go absolutely nuts for.

You can't turn down one corridors without hearing about a certain craze, seeing pictures drawn of a specific phase, seeing characters of that franchise on backpacks or spot that brand's logo on dress-down day. One thing to remember though, is that that craze won't last, and without your help, they could be forgotten entirely!

Mix things up by splitting up the page: what's hot and what's not?!

Using our Crazes and Phases page template slots all those popular fads in one place, to be accompanied by a photo for a visual reminder. It's a fun page filler and one the kids will always look back and laugh with.