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Be it chess club, IT club, archery club, an after-school club all about dance and expressive arts that perform at the end of term assemblies - whatever extracurricular activity or group your school runs, it makes great content for your yearbook to feature it in its very own page.

Ideas can include a group photo of the club or team (in their uniform or club kits if they have one for that extra splash of uniqueness), photos of the team in action, photos of what they've created, obtained or won, and for additional written content (especially if they are a team), list the players, their numbers and positions:

  • David Seaman (Goalkeeper)
  • Gary Neville (Defender)
  • Ashley Cole (Defender)
  • Steven Gerrard (Midfielder)
  • Rio Ferdinand (Defender)
  • Sol Campbell (Defender)
  • David Beckham (Midfielder) (Captain)
  • Paul Scholes (Midfielder)
  • Emile Heskey (Forward)
  • Michael Owen (Forward)
  • Nicky Barmby (Midfielder)

It never hurts to mention notable wins, achievements or statistics as a way of showing school pride. Beat the rival school 42-18 in netball before the Easter break? Don't let the students forget about it!