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The culmination of your school years comes to an end with a leavers' prom ‐ one of the most exciting dates on your school's calendar and a night that students cherish and will never forget. The planning starts months before the event, and because of that, Leavers' Books are here to help with some of the little things!

To make the big night something special, costs can soon add up ‐ so you’re going to need to sell some tickets. Of course, before you can sell tickets, you’ve got to make tickets. To save you time and money, you can download our range of Word and Photoshop prom ticket templates for free. They’re just waiting to be personalised.

Prom Tickets

Download our free Prom Ticket templates!

Simply click the 'Download' button below and we will zip over to you a selection of customizable prom tickets - they will automatically begin to download in your browser.

Once you’ve opened them, select the design you like, enter your school name, venue name and date ‐ and print!

Prom Tickets

Our templates come with fields for you to add your own text and customise to ensure your prom tickets are incredibly personal! They are incredibly easy to edit. You’ll need to open the .pdfs in Adobe Acrobat (if you don’t have Acrobat then open them in your browser: Firefox, Chrome and Opera are ideal, Edge or Internet Explorer aren’t quite as sophisticated and might not work.) and the text boxes will show up as red boxes for you to type your own text in (ie. your school name, the venue, the date, etc.) ‐ just be sure you print enough!

If you’re a dab hand at graphic design, you can also open these templates in Adobe Photoshop and edit as much as you like!