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We’ve tried to answer the most frequent questions we’re asked, but if you can’t see the question you want answered please get in touch.

Which option is easiest to create my yearbook?

All of our yearbook creation options are really easy, and they are all explained on our How It Works page.

We think that our Professionally Designed Service is the easiest way to create your yearbook. We do all of the design work for you, at no extra cost.

Are all photographs uploaded online secure?

We ensure that we stick to the strict Child Protection laws regarding photographs containing children and all of your photographs are stored on our secure server.

Can I use photographs taken by an external photographer?

If you own the copyright of the photo then they are fine to use. If the photographer/company do, it is best to ask permission from them before you add them into your yearbook. Most photographers will allow you to use them for free; some may incur a small charge.

When do we send payment for yearbooks?

There are no upfront payments required when creating a yearbook with us. We will send an invoice to the school on delivery of your books.

We also have an exciting feature that allows parents to purchase their books directly from us, saving you time and hassle – check out the Parent Payment Portal.