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There are three binding options available and the choice is pretty much personal preference. Perfect bound yearbooks are the most popular, but we’re suckers for the prestigious feel a hardback yearbook provides.

The good news is, whichever option you choose, your yearbooks will be beautifully printed and professionally bound.

Perfect Bound Yearbooks

Perfect Bound

  • Pages glued into 250g gloss cover
  • 25 – 300 pages
  • Same as our Sample Book – request yours now!

Stitched Yearbooks


  • Pages bound together by staples
  • 250g gloss cover
  • Similar to a magazine
  • 4 – 48 pages (must be a multiple of 4)

Hardback Yearbooks


  • Pages are encased in a hard board printed cover
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • 50 – 300 pages

For information regarding costs on the different binding options, please go to Yearbook Pricing.