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Back in 2009 our friends over at Book Printing UK noticed that they were getting more and more schools asking them to print yearbooks.

Apparently yearbook companies at the time were either overpriced, dictated to schools how they needed to create their yearbooks, or offered software that required teachers and students to be professional designers.

We realised that we could change things for the better.

We needed three things:

  • User friendly yearbook creator
  • Cost effective yearbook design service
  • Reasonably priced yearbooks

After a lot of hard work we thought we had cracked all three, and Leavers’ Books was formed.

Since 2009, a lot has changed around here. Our yearbook creator is on its third edition (we keep thinking of ways to improve it), our printers have been upgraded numerous times, and we’re all looking a little older.

Not everything has changed though, we still work hard to provide a user friendly yearbook creator, a professional design service, and reasonably priced yearbooks.

And we like to think we’re doing a pretty good job of it.

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