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The Flood

Download your week's worth of lesson resources for free: The Flood, by Leavers' Books!

The Flood Resources

What's the story?

Sea levels are rising and the Thames Barrier is about to give way and unleash all the water over London! The government has five days to figure out where to divert the flood to avoid mass catastrophe and they need your help. Does your class have what it takes to save London from the worst natural disaster it will face in recent history!

Decisions will need to be made based on findings from the top researchers in the UK. Use the information wisely and account for moral and financial dilemmas along the way.

Download your free pack of lesson resources and instruction sheets for teachers.

What's included?

  • Lessons on the Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change
  • Maths lessons comparing statistics and calculating financial damage
  • Culminates in a class debate and vote to decide on the future of London

Help prevent this from happening!