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What You Should Be Including in Your Yearbook

Type: All  |  Category: Yearbooks  |  Date: 29th May 2017

As a follow-on from our original post about what content to include in your end of school yearbook, part two looks at different ideas for those seeking unique and personal content.

A bubble floating along a high street – a source of inspiration for what you should include in your end of school yearbook

Now that we’ve discussed the basic content ideas in our previous blog, Perfect Ideas for Starting Your Yearbook, we can take a look at more unique and quirky suggestions to add some flavour and excitement to your special, parting gift to students. We’re thinking outside the box now, to ideas that will make the students love what they are reading, and want to turn the page to continue remaining their fantastic and one-of-a-kind educational journey.

This blog is all about how to make your yearbook good, great, fantastic, and dare we say it, the best ever... In order to do so, we’ll be looking at the following:

  • Awards
  • School Trips
  • School Plays, and Talent Shows
  • School Discos/Dances
  • Sports Day
  • Clubs and Teams
  • Remember When/Now and Then

So let’s get started!

Sprinkle on Some Spice with an Awards Page

To make the children feel valued and special, we love the idea of creating an awards page for your yearbook. This is a fantastic opportunity to discuss your students’ individual characteristics and certainly grabs attention. Every child is going to want to know what they are known for – it can provide many laughs, especially looking back to realise they were known as the class clown.

Leavers’ Books provide an array of designs and styles to host your awards pages to suit any format of yearbook (from trophies, to medals, to shields, and more) – whether you wanted to award only nine awards, or more; whether you wanted to have one winner or even three, so everyone is included.

As for inspiration for awards, some popular ideas we’ve come across are:

  • Funniest
  • Friendliest
  • Sportiest
  • Biggest Laugh
  • Best Hugger
  • Most likely to become famous
  • Most likely to become Prime Minister
  • ‘Lady Gaga’ award for crazy clothes
  • ‘Katy Perry’ award for amazing singing

As you can see from those examples, there is a different style to how the awards titles are worded, so you can play around with whichever you feel is best for your school and class. Remember, you can also have some awards for the staff too! Make sure no one is left out!

Examples of awards won by students in the awards pages for an end-of-year yearbook for schools

For a wider range of award ideas and content suggestions, you can head over to our resources page dedicated to yearbook examples, and if you have some clever ones of your own, don’t be shy – share them with us in our comments section or over social media!

You can also save time and incorporate the creation of your awards page during class time by downloading our helpful and free lesson plan. That is, if you want to get the children involved and don’t mind a bit of voting – but ensure to keep a few winners a surprise.

Capture the Zest for Life During a School Trip

No year at school is complete without the annual field trip. The chance to get away from the classroom and explore the world in a fun, educational way. School trips vary from learning about history and roots by visiting a museum or castle, to broadening social skills and developing life skills in adventure playgrounds, trekking through woodland, or even venturing abroad. Whatever it may be, a school trip is the perfect opportunity to capture photos and think of article ideas to fill pages of your yearbook.

As your residential trip is one of the best times for team building activities, bringing children closer together and for them to create great memories, you will want to ensure this is well documented. Students will love to look back at the special, and rare, moments, where they first felt like adults in the real world; trusted and representing their school.

You can take advantage of these school trips in several ways for your yearbook. Sometimes using collages of pictures works well as eye-catching displays, but do be sure to juxtapose pictures; so photos from the same moment or activity are spread out over the pages and not bunched together. Take a look at our blog discussing photos for your yearbook, including how to utilise collages and montages, if you want to know more.

Other options are creating a newspaper article to remember the fun day or week, and you can check out Newspaper Article Lesson Plan to include your students in this creative and engaging idea. It is a firm favourite to help improve student’s writing skills, and take their mind off of exams and stress.

Or you can meet in the middle and dabble in a bit of both – some pictures with text and comments; some collection of photos, and some areas dedicated to text, be it a written recollection by students or teachers.

If you are taking a late residential trip we recommend that you have your entire yearbook completed and proofed so that the only thing left to add will be your residential images and we can get underway with printing your order and arrange for your order delivered to school in time for your end of year ceremony.

Break a Leg! That’s Why There’s a Cast!

School plays, dramas, and performances at assemblies could very well be your golden ticket. Capturing those moments of stand-out performances on stage, or even the behind-the-scene fun happening backstage are great content ideas for your yearbook.

In similar fashion, talent shows work with the same premise – taking pictures of the performances, or even the preparation beforehand. Is it a dance a group are going to showcase? You can capture moments of them practising in the playground or hall; some of the most artistic and beautiful photos are natural and not posed for. Could it be a comedian preparing his one-liner jokes, practising them in the mirror?

With any performance, you also have a brilliant opportunity for text content, to help trigger those memories down the line. You can remind us of the play, and write a bit about the plot, even mentioning the silly lines that were said wrong! If it’s a dance, you can tell us the name of the song and recite a few dance moves that the crowd did to join in. If it’s a comedian, can you recall any of the jokes that got the audience howling?

Would You Care to Dance?

Fancy making the students cringe in their elder years? School discos and dances could be exactly what you are looking for. Taking pictures of the big events being set up, of everyone arriving dress to the nines, and having fun, dancing away during the night is great visual content. Alongside that, describing the night, retelling tales that happened, and even telling stats of how the night was put together makes great reading time and time again:

  • 120 balloons blown up and used
  • 55 litres of Coca-Cola drank
  • 2 Macarenas danced
  • 12 teachers caught singing along to Bruno Mars
  • £275 raised for new sports equipment in the raffle
  • 100 happy students!

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

And the klaxon sounds! The gun goes off! Kids race down that green grass, separated by white lines painted on, all heading towards the same goal, to be the first to run past and rip that ribbon before them. What a wonderful moment to capture – the adrenaline pumping, wild fury; the perpetual bliss of fun. Children competing alone or tandem to win!

If you’re really good with pen and paper, you can make a note of all the races, events and games and jot down the winners so it can be included in your yearbook too.

Whilst we’re on the topic of sport, if your school has any sports teams like a football team or netball team, it’s great to include a page dedicated to those out-of-the-classroom activities and groups: taking a group photo and talking about all they did that year, be it winning a trophy, taking part in a tournament or important games, or setting any school records (that is also very ideal for notable achievements in your sports day section). The aim with any club or group is to showcase that school pride.

Of course, with that said, it doesn’t just have to be sports clubs that get attention. Does your school have a reading club, or a computer club, or even a dance club? Get them together for a photo and the great content will write itself!

Hey, Remember When...

Most of the Remember When pages we see are full of things that have happened throughout the year which involve the pupils or people featuring in the yearbook. This page is a little different as it also talks about things outside of the school. It will be a great reminder of what was going on in the world. So, not only can you say ‘Remember when Eddie called our substitute teacher ‘Mum’ and everyone laughed’, you can also say ‘Remember when Portugal won the Euros and everyone wore red to celebrate’, or even ‘Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar’!

Examples of memories by students and teachers at school on the remember when pages for an end-of-year yearbook for schools

You can also try a Now and Then page if you’re feeling creative. This can again range from inside school: think pictures of the head teacher from reception to year 6, the same for students and other stuff, or how classrooms and other rooms looked; to outside school: what some celebrities looked liked, what was the top grossing film when the children started to when they finished, what songs were number one, what football team was winning the league, and who was Prime Minister, etc.

Think further afield... Where do the students see themselves in the future? What will their job be? Where will they live? Let their imagination wonder.

Be sure to head on over to our resources page filled with loads more content ideas, and if you’ve got great ideas yourself, get in touch and share them! We’re always open to adding more fun and creative ideas to our pages.

With all that said, isn’t it about time you got started on creating your own Leavers’ Books yearbook on our online creator for your school?

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