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Are You Thinking About Fundraising for Your School?

Type: All  |  Category: Teaching  |  Date: 3rd July 2017

Are you giving back? In this blog, Leavers’ Books take a look at ways you can utilise your yearbook in raising money for your school (or chosen charity). Here's our list of easy yet effective fundraising ideas for schools that kids can get involved in which can help you raise money for your next school trip, prom or charity event.


As one of the most popular methods of celebrating a student's life and achievements at school, yearbooks are always in high demand and can therefore be sold at a premium to raise money for your school.

Whilst students are becoming more tech-savvy, many would prefer a hard copy yearbook at the end of their studies because it is something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. This is why they're an essential school product that will make an effective fundraiser.

Let’s talk business. There is an instant way to raise money without any extra work when creating your Leavers’ Books yearbook. To dive straight into it, when creating your yearbook, you buy a copy for £9.99. It is then up to you if you wish to sell that on for more money to obtain a profit – depending on how much you feel the book is worth (and what it would sell for). For example, you could sell these to parents and students for £14.99, which results in an additional £5 towards the school. On an average class size of 30 pupils, that totals to £150 raised.

Leavers’ Books makes it easier still, if this is a route you wish to take. By using the Yearbook Payment Portal you can add a fundraising amount to your book, meaning that parents order books direct from us and we will send you your yearbooks along with a cheque for the funds you have raised. All you need to do is set the selling price with a few clicks.

A top tip is to make sure you have as many people contribute to the yearbook as possible so there's something in it for everyone - this includes information about all the sports clubs, school trips, and even interviews with the dinner ladies. By including more people, the likelihood of more sales increases. People will want to have a memento of something they were part of creating.

Fundraising Ideas for Your School

Need some inspiration for school fundraising or student council ideas that are likely to raise some money? At Leavers’ Books not only do we aim to put the ‘fun’ into fundraising, but we also believe that there are plenty of simple and successful ways of raising money for primary and secondary schools - with as little baked bean baths as possible.

Pop-Up Card Shops

With stressful exam periods and back to back lessons, any pupil or teacher might forget to purchase a card for the many holidays we have during the year. Suitable for teachers, parents and student councils to organise, opening a pop-up card shop at your school provides a service both students and staff members will be extremely grateful for when Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and all the other holidays roll along.

It’s wise to have a good selection of cards for all occasions available to buy at reasonable prices, and advertise around the school with some posters.

Example of fundraising ideas for schools with craft sales and happy students

Bake Sales, the Great British Kind

Thanks to the Great British Bake-Off, a show that's responsible for a nationwide obsession with baking as well as a decrease in customers buying pre-made cakes, many people nowadays prefer to create their own concoctions and experiment in the kitchen. This is the perfect time to host your very own bake sale.

Asking teachers and students to bring in cakes, biscuits and other homemade sweet treats is a great way to raise funds and a perfect project idea for student councils. Not only will parents be on board with encouraging their children to try cooking as a life skill at home with ingredients, it sees them read and follow instructions, and use their numerical skills as they work out weights, amounts and times.

This is also a great way to take advantage of any food technology classes that may be run, anything baked could later be sold; and if your school does not teach food on the curriculum, you could even have an after-school club start as a way to promote the bake sale.

Remember, like with the pop-up shop, to put up a few posters at key locations around the school beforehand, so that students and staff know where to go when their stomachs start rumbling. This is also something that needs a fair bit of fore-warning for parents to prepare.

Never Miss a Date with Calendars

Help parents get organised and raise funds for your school at the same time by selling an official school calendar, something parents may be interested in. Not only will a calendar act as a reminder of upcoming holidays, school term dates and special days held at your school, but with a great price that's value for money it will become an irresistible offer in comparison to endlessly searching for a good quality calendar online or on the high street.

Whether it's sold before Christmas or at the beginning of the academic year, this is one of many school fundraising ideas that will certainly come in handy for both parents and teachers. The more unique and creative, and personal, the calendars are, the more sellable they will be.

Other ideas include:

  • Car washes
  • Bag packing at local supermarkets
  • Sponsored reading
  • Sponsored runs/cross countries
  • Sponsored silences
  • Raffle of unwanted presents
  • Shave the hair/beard off a teacher
  • Face painting
  • Coffee, tea, and cake meet
  • Dress down day/fancy dress day
  • 24 hour teaching session

Thinking Outside the Box...

At LBHQ, we often do our best to raise money for a local charity Little Miracles, and with that, we try to think outside the box and work with what we've got to raise a few extra pounds along the way. Sometimes, it's hard to raise money by just being sponsored, having fun, or half-expecting people to gratefully hand over their money - you have to think, 'what can I offer them?

If your school or setting has a car park, have you thought about hiring it out on the weekend when it's not in use? Is it close to a local attraction or sports ground like the local football club? It could be a safe haven for away fans to park their cars for a few quid and a gentle walk to the game. Raise a little bit extra by selling drinks and snacks as they park up to keep them company and save them drifting off to the shops.

Is there a sporting event on, or even a contestant-elimination-based TV show sweeping the nation (like the Great British Bake Off or X-Factor)? A £2-to-enter sweepstake could be a blessing in disguise. Not only does it get everyone talking and involved in the show, but for every entry, £1 goes to the winner and £1 to charity. It's literally win-win.

One wild idea we love is a fun run. Now whilst those two words together may sound like an oxymoron to most of us, it's a run with a difference. Not only can you raise money by being sponsored, but by entering this particular run. Pay £1 or £2, and you get to run not only around the school grounds, but inside the school too! Set up a track that leads the students down corridors and across classrooms - maybe even a path that leads up on to a few tables and back down again!

So, whilst we were brief, hopefully this blog has got you thinking about your own yearbook and how you can raise some money for your school. Time to get cracking on creating your own – so why not request a USB today or head on over to our online creator and get started right now! If you have any more ideas of your own, why not share them with us over on social media?

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